Christof Ressi and Szilard Benes pursue the idea of confrontation of extreme psychological states by the means of music and media art. The instrumental sound of the bass clarinet dynamically interacts with electronics, video and body movement and lets the audience enter a manifold landscape of the human soul.

Both musicians share a desire for crossing frontiers: Szilard Benes is constantly seeking to extend the sonic possibilites of his instrument, inspired by contemporary music, free jazz and also klezmer, while Christof Ressi loves to design live-electronic setups and computer programs which allow him spontaneous and direct manipulation of sound and video. Together they are searching for new means of expression in the exploration of different media, with a personal understanding of music as a vast open space of endless possibilities.

Their pieces are mostly audio-visual concept improvisations focussing on various aspects and forms of musical interplay as well as interaction between different media like sound, image and movement.

Szilard Benes (HU) – clarinet, bass clarinet

Christof Ressi (A) – sound, video, programming