Filmriss Orchestra


Filmriss Orchestra is a band moving about the border areas between Jazz, Free Improvisation, Synth Wave, Rock and Soundtrack.


Band members:

Christof Ressi (A) – composition, sampler, fx

Bernhard Ludescher (A) – piano, keyboards, synthesizer

Thomas Wilding (A) – e-bass

Bernd Raffold (A) – e-guitar

Luis Andre (BR) / Thomas Stabler (A) – drums

Dominic Pessl (A) – trumpet

Patrick Dunst (A) / Oleksandr Ryndenko (UKR) – saxophones, flute, duduk

Matej Bunderla (SLO) – saxophones

Szilard Benes (HU) – clarinet, bass clarinet

Adam Ladanyi (HU) – trombone, bass trombone